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One week to Portugal’s Smart Destinations & Smart Cities event

In one week, the city of Bragança gathers, for the 3rd consecutive year, some of the brightest minds: thinkers, doers, practitioners, innovators, researchers, companies, startups, creative and also policy makers, decision makers, public administration and technical and liberal top class professionals.

They are all interested in design, create and build Smart Destinations, Smart Regions, Smart Cities…in a sustainable and intelligent way, contributing to develop a more inclusive and resilient world.

But also interested in building Real Human Relations and Connect with Natural and Authentic cultural and ancient heritage.

The Northeast of Portugal has it all!
Come and join us for another great event!

Bring warm coat, it’s getting cold…but the region promises to heat your hearts with all its famous and genuine hospitality 😉

Download the final agenda here.

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Check Some of our Amazing Speakers this year


José Carlos Mota, Investigador, Universidade Aveiro, Planeamento Urbano
Susana Conde, Especialista Turismo Sustentável
Gil Nadais, Presidente Município Águeda
Miguel de Castro Neto, Nova IMS, Coordenador NOVA CIDADE
Catarina Selada, Diretora Unidade Cidades INTELI
D. José Cordeiro, Bispo de Bragança
Hernâni Dias, Presidente Município Bragança
Carlos Monteiro, Vice-presidente Município Guarda
Helena Videira, Diretora ZASNET
Artur Cascarejo, Diretor Do Parque Natural Regional Do Vale Do Tua
António Pombinho, Vereador Na Câmara Municipal Loures

On the second day (3rd Dec) enjoy and connect with some exclusive and authentic special Tours around Bragança
For the first time in Portugal and the 3rd time in the world
The Silent Tour Braganca builds on experience from Bratislava (Slovakia), where the “silent walk” approach has been used in the framework of Nomadic Arts Festival 2016 to enable the neighbours to engage with their environment in a non-everyday way, and to experiment with a more performative and processual kind of research; as well as Berlin, where it was used it in development of a concept of an alternative, individualized tourist guidebook, as a part of workshop Berlin Unlimited by Urban Transcripts.

We invite both local residents and visitors of the city to join and hope to stimulate an interesting exchange of observations about the potential, qualities and challenges of the city of Braganca.

Pinela: Smart Village Example
Pinela is the first village to possess and make available for free in the Android and IOS stores a georreferenced mobile application that provides all the parish’s interesting content and places that must be visited; it is also the first village to acquire a 3D printer to symbolic replicate the greatest element of its identity, the Cantarinhas de Pinela (Pinela Clay Pots). It also boasts a website ( which brings together all the location’s historical information, live testimonies of its inhabitants, memories of their ancestors, and videos that recreate the whole clay cycle. In fact, this collection of live testimonies served as the basis for the production of two videos that can be watched in several languages at the Pinela ICC and that involved a decent portion of its residents.


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