GSTC- Industry Initial Consultation Period 16 December 2015-12 March 2016

The GSTC invites you to have input into the development of the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Industry (GSTC-Industry), including the revision of the GSTC-Hotels and Tour Operators.



The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is revising the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Hotels and Tour Operators version 2.0 (GSTC-HTO)  which is due for a scheduled revision, and expanding the GSTC-HTO and to become the GSTC-Industry.

The Vision

GSTC’s vision is to develop three sustainable tourism criteria: GSTC–Country, GSTC–Destination, GSTC–Industry; and detailed indicators for GSTC–Industry (e.g. GSTC–Hotels and Tour Operators, GSTC – MICE, GSTC-Attractions, etc.).


The scope is to slightly modify the current GSTC-HTO to become GSTC – Industry, with core criteria addressing all tourism enterprises. The current Hotel and Tour Operators Indicators will be revised to be sector indicators within GSTC-Industry. This paves the way for other sectors to have indicators developed within the context of GSTC-Industry.

The Need

The current GSTC-HTO has been well received globally and there is a desire by many stakeholders to have similar guidance and norms for the wider tourism industry. GSTC-HTO is not overtly covering the gamut of tourism, yet it is very close to an all encompassing set of criteria for all tourism enterprises.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Hotels and Tour Operators (GSTC-HTO) are general sustainability aspects that apply more broadly to the greater tourism industry at the enterprise level. Countries have adopted the GSTC-HTO as broad sustainability guidelines across sectors and GSTC-Recognized certification programs wish to be able to have their standards Recognized for other tourism sectors.

Within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals, the GSTC has identified and is responding to the need for a wider, multi-sector sustainable tourism norm by developing the GSTC-Industry as an evolution of the globally accepted benchmark standard, the GSTC-HTO.

The Process

The process is intended to comply with the ISEAL standard setting code, the key aspects of the process are:

·       Resourced by the GSTC Technical Director, guided by the International Standards Working Group (GSTC-ISWG).

·       Two rounds of consultation, initial call for input, then a second with draft criteria.

·       The GSTC-ISWG and GSTC Board consider comments before adopting criteria, based on consensus across the balance of interested parties.


The proposed program for development of GSTC-Industry is:

·       Initial Consultation                       Dec 2015-Mar 2016

·       Draft Criteria Consultation           May-June 2016

·       GSTC-Industry Adopted                July 2016


Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria and Indicators for Hotels and Tour Operators (GSTC-HTO)

GSTC-Industry HAVE YOUR SAY (Survey)

GSTC-Industry Terms of Reference

GSTC Standard Setting System Report

Anuncio publicitario

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