Tourism September events in London, Vienna, Huangshan, Luxembourg where leaders and thinkers meet

Back from the Summer and the European and International Sustainable agenda is full with new events and initiatives.

I wish to mention 4 events in 4 key destinations: London, Vienna, Huangshan, Luxembourg.

The Travel Foundation Annual Meeting 2015 has taken place yeseterday with key speakers and thinkers such as Megan Epler Wood, from Harvard T.H.Chan.

tourmis_0143Today in Vienna is taking pace the11th TourMIS Users’ Workshop “Monitoring Sustainability: International Seminar on Environmental and Social Tourism Indicators for Measuring Tourism Development” organized by the European Travel Commission, World Tourism Organization,European Cities Marketing & MODUL University Vienna. I am pleased to present PM4SD through an online session, sorry I missed Vienna and the full event. The full program here.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council Annual General Meeting (AGM) featuring keynotes from industry leaders, updates for the GSTC Board, education sessions and more, is taking place from the 10th to the 13th.  This year’s AGM is hosted by long-time member Huangshan Scenic Area, China (HSAC).  Susana Conde, FEST board member is there as she is a board member of GSTC as well, we wish to her and all the participants a fruitful and inspiring meeting. We’ll know more soon.

Program Highlights:

  • Opening remarks by GSTC Board Chair Luigi Cabrini and Huangshan Mayor and HSAC Director Mr. Kong Xiaohong
  • GSTC Current and Future priorities presented by CEO Randy Durband
  • Sustainable Destination Management panel discussion led by Jonathan Tourtellot of National Geographic and GSTC’s Destination Stewardship Working Group
  • Consultation Workshop on the development of a new set of GSTC Criteria designed for national and provincial standards – allowing sustainable tourism experts and stakeholders to provide their input into GSTC Criteria development and revisions
  • Workshop on China Mountain Tourism sustainable management
  • Presentation on IHG Hotel Group’s “Green Engage” program, which includes our host Crowne Plaza Yucheng Huangshan Hotel
  • Workshop for attendees to provide input on GSTC’s strategic directions
  • Extensive networking opportunities

Next week (17th-18th Sept ) the fourteenth European Tourism Forum is taking place in Luxembourg. The Forum will be dedicated to four topics that are currently of particular importance to the sector:

-tourism digitalisation;001-VdL-pontadolphe-130072

-the promotion of Europe via transnational and pan

-European thematic products;

-skills and training;

-streamlining the regulatory and administrative framework



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*Member of Board of Directors Of Global Sustainable Tourism Council GSTC. *Member of Board of Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism FEST. *International associate director of the Center for Research, Development and Innovation in Tourism CIDTUR (Perú) *Manager Director of Agrotravel Turismo Responsable, Green Euskadi andTotonal Viajes que iluminan -México- *Speaker at Conferences, Sustainable Events Management, Workshops and Meetings to promote responsible and sustainable tourism *Consultant and trainer in responsible and sustainable tourism area.

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