Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism 4th Annual Partners’ Symposium





Title Panelist / Moderator
8:00 Registration of Participants
9:00 Welcome & Instructions Professor Ouidad Tebbaa
Symposium Facilitator
9:05 Opening Remarks Ms. Nada Roudies
Chair of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism
9:15 Remarks Mr. Márcio Favilla Lucca de Paula
Executive Director – Competitiveness, External Relations and Partnerships, UNWTO
9:20 Remarks Mr. Arab Hoballah
Chief – Sustainable Consumption & Production Branch, UNEP
9:30 SESSION 1: Ministerial Forum
“Strategies for Achieving Sustainable Tourism Development”
9:30 Invited Ministers of Tourism and Ministers of Environment Mr. Luigi Cabrini
Director-Advisor to the UNWTO Secretary-General on Sustainability
Excellency Lahcen Haddad
Minister of Tourism, Kingdom of Morocco
Excellency Hakima El Haite
Minister Delegate to the Minister of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment, in Charge of Environment, Kingdom of Morocco
Excellency Isabel María Borrego Cortés
Minister of Industry, Energy & Tourism, Spain
Mr. Benjamin Gallezot
Adjunct Director General, Ministry for Craft Industries, Trade and Tourism, France
10:30 Interactive Questions & Answers
11:00 Networking Coffee Break
(Interviews, Photos with Ministers)
11:30 SESSION 2:
“Monitoring Indicators as a Tool for Decision-Making at Tourism Destinations”
11:30 Moderated Panel Discussion Mr. Charles Arden-Clarke
Discussing the Intermediary Results of the ETIS Pilot Phase of the European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS) for Sustainable Management at Destinations Ms. Apolónia Rodrigues
Describing the Experience of an Early-Adopter of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s (GSTC) – Destinations Criteria Dr. Louise Twining-Ward
President, Sustainable Travel International
Describing the Pilot Project in Morocco demonstrating Indicators for Monitoring Sustainability Ms. Nada Roudies
Secretary-General, Ministry of Tourism, Morocco
Providing the SIDS Perspective for Monitoring Sustainability Mr. Earlston McPhee
Director of Sustainable Tourism, Ministry of Tourism & Aviation, The Bahamas
Speaking about the Main Findings of Case Studies on the Bank’s Private Sector Investment Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Ms. Eneida Fernandez
Private sector Development Specialist, World Bank
12:30 Interactive Questions & Answers
13:00 Lunch
(Featured Presentation)
14:00 SESSION 3:
Private Sector – “Leadership through Performance and Delivery”
14:00 Moderated Panel Discussion Ms. Blanka Belošević
Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Croatia
Explaining Villages Nature’s Experiences on Project Sustainability through Design and Performance Ms. Marie Balmain
Sustainable Development Group, Villages Nature
Describing Tour Groups in Action, Driving Destination Sustainability Ms. Jane Ashton
Director of Group Sustainable Development, TUI
On the experience of PATA Members’ use of Monitoring tools to Mainstream Sustainable Tourism Ms. Chi Lo
Engagement Strategist – Corporate Responsibility Specialist, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)
Speaking on Regional Strategies in support of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Ms. Claude Seyse
President of Loire-Atlantique Tourism and Representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries (CCI) Nantes St-Nazaire
Presenting the German experience of engaging with the private sector Ms. Susanne Dorasil
Head – Economic Policy/Financial Sector Division, German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Presenting the Moroccan experience implementing sustainable tourism through a regional network Mr. Hassan Aboutayeb
President of The Rural Tourism Development Network (RDTR)
15:10 Interactive Questions & Answers
15:30 Networking Coffee Break
16:00 SESSION 4:
Symposium Conclusion and Recommendations
16:00 Moderated Panel Discussion Mr. Charles Arden-Clarke
Ms. Nada Roudies Morocco
Mr. Luigi Cabrini UNWTO
Ms. Blanka Belošević Republic of Croatia
17:00 Final Remarks and Closing Ms. Nada Roudies
Chair – Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism
Fuente: Gala Dinner at Sofitel Agadir
Morocco’s Responsible Tourism Awards Ceremony 2014



Acerca de TurismoResponsablebyAgrotravel

*Member of Board of Directors Of Global Sustainable Tourism Council GSTC. *Member of Board of Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism FEST. *International associate director of the Center for Research, Development and Innovation in Tourism CIDTUR (Perú) *Manager Director of Agrotravel Turismo Responsable, Green Euskadi andTotonal Viajes que iluminan -México- *Speaker at Conferences, Sustainable Events Management, Workshops and Meetings to promote responsible and sustainable tourism *Consultant and trainer in responsible and sustainable tourism area.

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